Sunday, July 29, 2012

Call of duty Modern warfare 3-special ops series at veteran difficulty.

Hi all! It's VoVoXperTz here, and I'll show you my special ops series! You can watch it for helping you out with completing the missions!

#1 mission: Click here

You can find the other missions on my youtube channel : VoVoGaming ( )

Thursday, July 26, 2012

[Tutorial] Balanar (Night Stalker)




Range: Melee    Movement Speed: 295    Primary atribute: STR
Str: 23   Agi: 18   Int: 16
Damage: 57 – 61   HP: 587   Mana: 208
HP Regen: 0.94 | Mana Regen: 0.65
Attack Speed: 1.39 (+ 18% IAS) | Armor: 6


If cast at night, slows the target for 4 seconds. If cast at day, slows the target for 2 seconds. 8 cooldown

Level 1:  Deals 90 damage and 80 manacost
Level 2:  Deals 160 damage and 90 manacost
Level 3:  Deals 255 damage and 100 manacost
Level 4:  Deals 335 damage and 110 manacost

      Crippling Fear

 In The night, the Night Stalker can cause intense fear in the enemy units, causing them to miss 40% of the attacks and be unable to cast spells. This has reduced effect during the day. 12 cooldown

Level 1: Lasts 5 seconds
Level 2: Lasts 6 seconds
Level 3: Lasts 7 seconds
Level 4: Lasts 8 seconds

     Hunter in the night

The Night Stalker is at home at night. He attacks and moves more swiftly

Level 1: 20% movement speed, 30% attack speed
Level 2: 25% movement speed, 45% attack speed
Level 3: 30% movement speed, 60% attack speed
Level 4: 35% movement speed, 75% attack speed


Crates a period of darkness for the Night Stalker to thrive in.

Level 1: Turns day into 25 second night
Level 2: Turns day into 50 second night
Level 3: Turns day into 80 second night



Starting items:

-One point in void

-One point in Hunter in the night.

-Lvl 3 in Void and 2 in Hunter in the night

-Level 6 in Hunter in the night and Level 7 maximize Hunter in the night. You should have this items when the first night starts.

-Level 8 maximize Void and Level 9 one point in Ultimate Then lvl 10 one in Crippling Fear

-Maximise Crippling Fear then Maximize Ultimate the attributes
-At this point you should be able to gang almost anyhero.

-This is the most balanced itembuild for Balanar


-Ok the first thing you need to know is YOU ONLY ATACK/GANK IN THE NIGHT.This is important because all your skills are better in night so you are very powerfull at night.
-You will use your ultimate only for evade a gank/atack.You can use it to gank others only in late game when you are powerfull enought.
-In the early game you need to farm alot dont go for firstblood or gank's because you may fail!
-You can go to gank only after lvl 8-9 and in the night beacuse you will have Void/Hunter in the night maximized.

Thats it so i hope this tutorial will help you!

Monday, May 7, 2012



          Hello everyone, this is my first blog i have ever made so because DotA is my favorite game i chose that the subject of this blog to be DotA.
          Im not like the best DotA player in the world so in my tutorials i am free to accept new ideas.
          If you dont find my blog usefull just stop viziting it ,DONT SPAM BAD LANGUAGE OR OTHER THINGS

Thank you for understanding


          Buna ziua tuturor, acesta este primul meu blog si deoarece DotA este jocul meu preferat am ales ca subiectul Blogului sa fie DotA.
          Eu nu sunt cel mai mare jucator de DotA din lume deci in tutorialele mele accept noi pareri.
          Daca nu gasiti blogul meu folositor va rog incetati sa il mai vizitati,SI NU INJURATI SAU ALTE SPAMURI

Multumesc pentru intelegere




Faceless void is a very strong middle to late-game hero. With good timing and judgement he can be quite the handful to deal with because of all his skills. From being able to dodge spell to jumping from one spot to the other he can be quite the carry/ late-game killer. 



Strength: 23 +1.4/level
Agility (Primary): 21 +2.65/level
   Intelligence: 15 +1.5/level
   Base Damage: 58 - 64
   Base Armour: 4
   Base Move speed: 300
   Attack Range: Melee

-Can dissable a lot of enemies
-Good Agility
-Low chance of dying because of BackTrack and TimeWalk
-1v1 Killer
-Can dodge spells
-strong late game

-Low on inteligence
-Not a good lane control-Not a good early game


Time Walk

Quickly moves to a target location and slows the movement and attack of all units at the end of its path for 3 seconds.

Level 1- 10% slow, 700 range
Level 2- 20% slow, 900 range
Level 3- 30% slow, 1100 range
Level 4- 40% slow, 1300 range


Whenever damage is received, Faceless Void goes back in time trying to dodge that attack.He is like a time traveller :D . Can backtrack phyisical and magical attacks.
Level 1: 10% chance to dodge damage
Level 2: 15% chance to dodge damage
Level 3: 20% chance to dodge damage
Level 4: 25% chance to dodge damage
Notes: Stack with Butterfly. You must buy this item in late game.

Time Lock

Gives a chance that an attack will do bonus damage and lock a unit in time
Level 1: 10% chance, 40 bonus damage
Level 2: 15% chance, 50 bonus damage
Level 3: 20% chance, 60 bonus damage
Level 4: 25% chance, 70 bonus damage
Notes: This skill will be improved also with Butterfly because of the attackspeed


Faceless Void stops the time and he is able to move in that warp and attack the enemys for 2,3,4 or 5 seconds(Aghanim's scepter)
Level 1: Range 500, Duration 2 sec, Mana cost 150
Level 2: Range 550, Duration 3 sec, Mana cost 175
Level 3: Range 600, Duration 4 sec, Mana cost 200
Notes: Ultimate, Aghanim's Scepter upgrades the duration by one second at all levels, it freezes allies, buildings, enemies, doesn't freeze units owned by Dark Terror.

Skill build

1.Time Walk
2.Time Lock
3.Time Lock 
5.Time Lock
7.Time Lock
12.Time Walk
13.Time Walk
14.Time Walk

I prefer this skill order because its more agressive and very good combined with Mask of maddnes. If you have enemies harrasing you just maximise Backtrack then Timewalk.

Item Build

Starting items:

Ancient Tango of Essification

Wraith band

These 2 items are the best in my opinion as starting items beause it gives you a bonus of atributs and agility as well as regeneration from Ancient Tango of Essification.

Middle game items:

 PowerTreads (strenght)

Wraith Band

Mask of Madness

If you have this build you will be a middle game killer. Just cast the ultimate on enemies and activate MoM.

Late game items:

     Aghanim's Scepter       


Heart of tarasq

Mask of Madness



This is the best build recomended on most dota forums and sites. Buy all of this to become imba

Thx for reading my post i hope it helps you.